Preliminary environmental assessment for the mapping of areas of suspected impact

Based upon the recommendations of CETESB Board Decision DD-038/2017 and on the methodology described in Brazilian standard ABNT NBR 15515-1, GEOKLOCK developed an encompassing study aimed at the preliminary investigation of an industrial site in the Great São Paulo area.

The study used a dataset obtained from field activities, historical records, public data from official institutions (such as IBGE, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), and aerial photographs. The study area covered more than 100,000 square meters (1,080,000 square feet).

In addition to mapping potential occurrences and critical receptors, the study generated a sizeable package of strategic environmental data, providing detailed descriptions of the characteristics of current and past occupations, as well as data on the local geology, hydrogeology, hydrology and geography.

GEOKLOCK also identified the primary consumables and raw materials used in the industrial site, as well as the entire line of products manufactured onsite.

The efforts guided the construction of a conceptual model that correlated potential sources of contamination with eventual receptors. The findings supported the planning and implementation of additional environmental investigations.