Recovery of Impacted Sites

The rehabilitation of impacted sites is a process that consists of several activities, which must be implemented in a correct and harmonic manner, so as to provide suitable solutions and answers for existing contamination in soil, groundwater or surface water.

The process starts with a preliminary assessment. In the state of São Paulo, the preliminary assessment must follow the requirements of CETESB Board Decision DD-38. The preliminary assessment defines whether subsequent intervention is required.

In the event of the identification of existing contamination, the following tasks may be carried out following a preliminary assessment: confirmatory environmental investigation, human health and ecotoxicological risk assessment, mathematical modeling of pollutants in the aquifer, remedial concept, intervention plan, decommissioning plan, implementation and operation of remediation system, and environmental monitoring.

Some tasks do not apply to all projects, and a distinct sequence may be best suited in some cases; nevertheless, the goal is always the recovery of the impacted area.

EBP Brasil’s expertise in this area is unmatched in Brazil; we have successfully completed numerous site recovery projects, some of which of massive technical and implementation complexity.

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Associated topics

  • Preliminary environmental assessment
  • Confirmatory and detailed investigations
  • Human health risk assessment
  • Ecotoxicological risk assessment
  • Hydrological and hydrogeological modeling
  • Remediation concept
  • Decommissioning plan
  • Implementation, operation and environmental monitoring
  • Intervention plan / Engineering design