Risk assessment

GEOKLOCK was retained to conduct a risk assessment associated with the installation of a new kerosene tank in a site located in Guarulhos, state of São Paulo.

This risk assessment was aimed at evaluating the eventual impacts of a catastrophic event involving the tank, and to propose a risk management plan.

The work followed the recommendations of CETESB technical standard P4.261 – “Guiding manual for risk assessments”. This standard applies to chemical processing plants, chemical storage systems and other similar projects that operate with flammable and/or toxic substances (CETESB, 2003, p.8).

The methodology establishes that chemicals stored in a site must be classified in terms of their hazard. Safe distances and amounts must then be calculated, and compared to the actual distances to receptors, in order to determine whether a risk assessment is required.

This risk assessment considered potential accidental scenarios associated with the installation of the tank, to identify potential risks and any necessary design changes for full compliance with all regulations.