Carbon footprint of products

During 2010 and 2011, GEOKLOCK identified the carbon footprint of an entire chain of automotive products, including the stages of transportation, sales, use, maintenance and disposal.

The efforts started with the inventory of the greenhouse gases (GHGs) generated from the automotive production plant and with the accurate mapping of the chain of supply.

Once the suppliers were identified, the most relevant suppliers were also inventoried for GHGs, and we organized the collection of data and the detailing of the production chain’s manufacturing processes and services. In some cases, we also prepared a GHG inventory for direct and indirect suppliers.

Once the data was surveyed, GEOKLOCK established the emissions of the automotive parts, which involved a great range of factors that determine the carbon footprint of a car.

The stages of transportation, sales, use, maintenance and disposal were particularly challenging, mainly due to data gaps and, in some cases, to their great complexity. At the end, we calculated the carbon footprint of the vehicles based on service life and means of maintenance and disposal.

Another valuable deliverable of this project was providing the client with an understanding of the most emission-intensive links of the production chain, so that it can implement more efficient emission reduction policies.