Due diligence for free-phase product mapping

GEOKLOCK was retained to conduct a due diligence at a specific site, using high-resolution investigation tools. This approach enabled the 3D mapping of the free-phase plume, through an interactive process of investigation based on the USEPA TRIAD approach.

The use of state-of-the-art technology for high-resolution investigation allowed the 3D delineation of the free-phase plume over just two days of work, a period during which more than 120 meters were bored.

The high-resolution unit consists of the following set of tools:

  • MIP (Membrane Interface Probe);
  • LL MIP (Low Level Membrane Interface Probe);
  • GWS (Ground Water Sampler);
  • HPT (Hydraulic Profiling Tool);
  • OIP (Optical Image Profiler).

Data treatment was concurrent with data generation. At the end of the field efforts, the client received a short report describing the due diligence findings, as well as the green light to proceed with the acquisition process, since the risks associated with site acquisition were considered acceptable and of simple mitigation.

The final report was delivered just three days after the beginning of the field activities, i.e. even before the very tight agreed deadline.

The entire project – from the moment the client made the first contact with our sales team until the delivery of the due diligence final report – took only ten days for completion. The final document supported the client’s decision to acquire the site, now fully aware of the costs associated with the mitigation of the environmental risks identified in the target-area of the incorporation process.