Risk Management Program (PGR)

The risk management program is a requirement-oriented system containing general management guidelines for accident prevention.

The PGR is a management tool to be utilized by the company itself, and all program items must be clearly defined and documented, applying to the activities developed in the enterprise, both by employees and outsourced companies (contractors and other service providers).

The PGR must have a person responsible for its implementation and monitoring, since its actions are, in general, developed by different areas of the company, so it is convenient that the responsible has articulation and clout skills, which, together with the hierarchical ascendancy, allow the effectiveness of the program in the management of residual risks.

The PGR shall cover at least the following internal plans or programs:

  • Operational Procedures
  • Change Management
  • Integrity Maintenance and Assurance 
  • Human Resources Training 
  • Incident and Accident Investigation
  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
  • PGR Audit
  • PGR Roads

By board decision of CETESB it was established the risk management program for road administrators on transportation of dangerous goods - PGR Rodovias. The decision defines the methodology and studies to be performed for the diagnosis of risks, whether for new or existing roads.

In Europe, such programs have long been part of the demands of public management bodies. EBP has developed projects for the main road administrators in countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which similarly contemplates the content of this document prepared by CETESB. In addition to specific projects for stretches and locations such as tunnels and more environmentally sensitive areas, we were responsible for the implementation of the largest accidental data control system in Switzerland with emphasis on hazardous products (chemical, explosive, radioactive and biological). The system was developed on a GIS (georeferenced information system) basis and allows constant management of the country's entire road network.