Real-Time Environmental Research/High Resolution

As stated in Board Decision No. 38 of 2017, DD38 CETESB, in cases with complexities associated with the physical environment and distribution of chemicals of interest, the use of real-time/high resolution mapping tools is recommended for the determination of environmental liabilities.

By allowing more precise and faster investigations, the use of this type of tools provides cost reduction associated with liability management, as it reduces the need for the

installation of monitoring wells and the collection of samples, as well as underpinning surgical remediation processes, which are consequently more effective.

EBP Brasil has vast experience in this type of approach and has the following cutting-edge equipment, world renowned:

  • Interactive Probe Membrane + Hydraulic Profiling Tool (MiHpt)
  • Optical Image Profiler (OIP) with UV and green lights
  • Low Level Membrane Interface Probe (LL MIP)
  • Hydraulic Profiling Tool + Groundwater Sampler (HPT GWS)
  • Field GC (FROG)