Environmental Impact Studies (RCA, RAP, EIA-RIMA)

Environmental Impact Studies, depending on the enterprise’s size and polluting potential, are required for the environmental licensing process to support the environmental agency understanding and evaluation.

Among the Environmental Impact Studies demanded are: the Simplified
Environmental Study (EAS), the Environmental Control Report (RCA), the
Preliminary Environmental Report (RAP), or even more complex studies, such as the Environmental Impact Study and its respective Environmental Impact Report (EIA- RIMA).

These studies aim to present and evaluate the environmental aspects and impacts related to the enterprise and its surroundings, addressing the physical, biotic and socioeconomic spheres. In order to assist these studies EBP Brasil has a multidisciplinary technical team.

The need for this study and the level of complexity are defined by the competent environmental agency based on the potential for environmental impact of the activity to be licensed.

In some cases, complementary and specific studies may also be requested according to the location and expected impacts of the enterprise.