Engineering and Consultancy

Our environmental engineering department provides expertise in the areas of chemical, electrical, mechanical, civil and environmental engineering. Our consultancy solutions strive to identify, from among our know-how and connections, the best environmental and engineering solutions for issues that can cause problems or losses to our clients.

The traditional engineering services we provide include designs and studies for water, wastewater and air emission treatment systems, among others. All of EBP Brasil’s designs are developed by multidisciplinary teams, ensuring reliable and strong solutions.

In addition to traditional services – such as projects for remediation systems, domestic and industrial landfills and technological risk assessments –, we can also develop special projects to create value, including solutions for waste reuse, for the minimization of losses, for improvements with cost/benefit analysis, or to align engineering with sustainability strategies in our clients’ facilities and operations.

Our engineering is future-oriented to develop effective and shared solutions, combining our experiences in Brazil and abroad.

Associated topics

  • Risk assessment study
  • Decommissioning plan
  • Design and implementation of water and wastewater treatment solutions
  • Design and implementation of domestic and industrial landfills
  • Solutions for waste treatment and reuse
  • Cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analyses
  • Design and management of environmental solutions