A site in the goods and services sector, located in the region of São Carlos, state of São Paulo, decided to assess the feasibility of implementing a reuse project, since the plant’s water demand was high and the region has severe water availability restrictions.

While the quality of the water collected by the site was excellent, the site was already fully using the abstraction flow rate permitted, and increasing this permitted flow rate was not an option.

GEOKLOCK gathered the data required to prepare the site’s water balance, comparing the results to the demand forecasts. This analysis considered technically feasible alternatives, investments and costs. The alternatives were presented and discussed, and reuse was determined to be the most interesting option.

A sampling plan was prepared for selected wastewater lines, with the collection of samples and chemical analyses, which supported the detailing of the selected alternative.

In addition to the concept, a detailed design was developed for the treatment and reuse system, as well as basic and detailed designs for the treated wastewater ponds.

In order to use an area that was available and to create a nice landscape, Geoklock proposed a pond with two sections, one of which was the reservoir to feed the reuse lines.