Water availability

In 2014, severe water shortage issues in São Paulo pushed many companies to search for alternatives; among them was a multinational company with several sites in Brazil. GEOKLOCK developed a water availability study for the company, identifying risks and opportunities in the technical, economic and legal spheres, as well as that of company image.

In order to better understand the water context in each of the sites, we surveyed technical references and data on the availability of surface and ground water. This included minimum flow rates in the watersheds and production capacities of the aquifers.

In addition to technical concerns, regulatory and legal issues were also assessed, so as to identify the risks and limitations of each region, as well as the stakeholders. The numbers of water abstraction permits and the volumes already permitted in the area were relevant in some cases, sometimes aggravated by local regulations.

In parallel, our experts developed flowcharts and surveyed water balance data, which were combined with demand forecasts.

Issues such as safety reserves, availability scenarios and risks associated with the operations were important in evaluating vulnerabilities.

GEOKLOCK submitted an assessment of the impacts associated with the consumption of water and the discharge of wastewater, which supported a plan that included actions for reduction, per source.