Waste management

As with any activity, operations at logistics sites also consist of a source for solid waste generation, including organic and inorganic materials. GEOKLOCK developed an encompassing and objective plan for the environmental management of solid wastes for a major company in the logistics segment.

The purpose of this plan was to ensure the following tasks were carried out in a suitable manner:

  • Collection;
  • Containerization;
  • Temporary storage;
  • Transportation;
  • Treatment;
  • Adequate final disposal of the solid wastes generated by all of the company’s sites in Brazil;
  • Minimization at the source, whenever possible.

Waste classification followed the applicable regulations in terms of:

  • Handling;
  • Means of selective collection;
  • Temporary storage;
  • Waste transportation that minimized environmental issues;
  • Means to ensure the final destination of the waste materials complied with current Brazilian regulations.

GEOKLOCK also designed models for indicators for the management and planning of resources.