Green Building Consultancy

One of the primary concerns for new and existing buildings is the efficient consumption of energy and water.

With this in mind, GEOKLOCK was hired to assess the adherence of the design for a new industrial warehouse to the new construction requirements of the Green Building seal.

The design was developed in collaboration with the architecture company that was in charge of the concept for the new production warehouse for an industrial site in Brazil.

In parallel with architectonic issues, we also assessed various other issues required for the Green Building certification. In addition to evaluating additional requirements and issues, GEOKLOCK worked in partnership with an international company of the energy modelling sector to develop the thermodynamic models to light the new warehouse.

All items were assessed and the requirements and recommendations were presented first to the client, and then to the constructor who developed the detailed design and built the warehouse.

All steps were followed as per our study, to ensure the highest standards of social and environmental quality for the new warehouse, establishing a new construction benchmark.

In addition to the assessments, Geoklock strived to develop options in the market to meet the requirements and increase the warehouse score based on the Green Building criteria.