Environmental permitting

The environmental permitting process for a site with many environmental restrictions had to be completed within a very tight schedule. GEOKLOCK was able to properly guide the efforts so as to successfully complete the environmental permitting process in time. This enabled the installation of the new industrial site, while protecting the local flora and fauna.

GEOKLOCK developed a plan to meet the needs for the installation of a new industrial site in the state of São Paulo. Among the challenges were issues associated with physical conditions of the site and the need to start the operations at the new plant within a very short schedule.

From the beginning, the efforts were carried out in collaboration with the local environmental agency. The entire permitting process, until site installation, was conducted very efficiently, with the successful resolution of all of the challenges faced.

Several studies were developed with the client to create a very consistent technical support for the case. This enabled an accurate assessment of the risks, and we presented the environmental agency (CETESB) with a clear panorama so it could safely decide the best routes to be taken.

We solved all problematic issues to successfully complete the process, and the upstanding quality of our work was recognized both by the client and by the environmental agency. The permit was issued very expeditiously.

Finally, the site was designed considering the natural conditions of the local terrain and so as to ensure an environmentally safe implementation.