Emergency actions for the mitigation of environmental impacts

Following a fire in a bulk storage warehouse at the Port of Santos, in the state of São Paulo, EBP Brasil (formerly Geoklock) was retained to:

  • Conduct campaigns to monitor the quality of the estuary water, including the aquatic biota;
  • Define emergency actions to minimize the consequences of the damage to the quality of the estuary water due to the release of firefighting water;
  • Propose programs for the recovery of the surface water quality.

The project also identified the following issues for the local soil:

  • Affected areas;
  • Potential primary sources of soil and groundwater impact;
  • Materials generated in the accident;
  • Other potential sources of impact.

Having gathered all data, EBP Brasil (formerly Geoklock) proposed an environmental recovery plan, considering all short- and medium-term emergency actions required, such as:

  • The containment of active sources of contamination;
  • The detailed investigation of environmental impacts;
  • The survey of underground plants;
  • Other underground structures;
  • Studies to monitor the physical medium and the biota on land and in the estuary.