In the past, asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) were often and widely used in the construction industry. With the establishment of new regulations and standards, companies started mapping ACMs in their offices and production areas.

GEOKLOCK was hired by a service provider company to prepare the ACM inventory of all of its sites.

This project included a significant task of survey of materials that historically contained asbestos – a material that was widely used due to its thermal insulation properties, low wear and low production costs.

Considering that the company has several offices throughout Brazil and the age of these facilities – some quite old –, we had to assess ambient air quality and prepare inventories of all materials that required management from an environmental and health & safety stand.

Following the previous survey, all sites were visited and samples of relevant materials were collected and shipped to a laboratory for analysis. The results supported the development of ACM inventory maps.

The risks to human health were identified in the rooms and areas with presence of ACMs, and activities to manage these ACMs were planned.