Ecological risk assessment

Ecological risk assessment

In 2017, the São Paulo state environmental agency, CETESB, published its Board Decision DD 038/2017. This regulation establishes that Ecological Risk Assessments are an integral part of Risks Assessments in situations where a natural ecosystem is under the influence of an impacted site. Geoklock has been training its staff to respond to this new potential demand, and is working in this area.

Geoklock is playing an active role in the technical group created by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) to develop the Ecological Risk Assessment standard. Geoklock also recently took part in two international events: the 18th International Symposium on Toxicity Assessment (ISTA-18) and the 12th Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) meeting for Latin America. Ecological risk assessments were discussed by members of the groups, regulators, consulting companies and the industry.

ISTA-18 happened between July 16th and 21st, 2017, in the city of Limeira, in the state of São Paulo. GEOKLOCK was represented by Andréia Yoshinari, André Canale and Filipe Biaggioni, who presented the paper “Case Study: Application of the TIE (Toxicity Identification Evaluations) Methodology in the Environmental Diagnosis of Groundwater Contaminated with Pesticides.”

The 12th SETAC took place between September 4th and 10th, 2017, in the city of Santos, also in the state of São Paulo.

GEOKLOCK contributed with the presentation of paper “Application of the USEPA Method for Ecological Risk Assessment in Sites Impacted with Pesticides, Organic Compounds and Metals – Case Study.”